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'go to the top we aint no stop' a myname meta/pimp post

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"You are the biggest reason we exist."



October 27, 2011-forever

g u n w o oc h a e j i ns e y o n gj u n qi n s o o

MYNAME is a K-Pop boyband under the entertainment agency H2 Media and Irving in Japan. The 5 members of MYNAME work hard in Korea and Japan, popping out hit after hit in both countries, as they rise to the top(they aint no stop). MYGIRL is the official fan name, but don't worry boys they acknowledge the MYBOYS too! MYNAME's songs have a distinct kpop sound to them, with electronic and r&b flair. They often showcase their intricate choreography through their powerful performances and fun, flashy MVs. Their concepts are usually very mature and serious, but through their reality shows you see a different, but very real and very entertaining side to them. The members also model, act, cook, DJ, and design clothes(amongst many other things). They can do anything, really they are so amazing and caring and inspirational and they work so hard, it's very admirable.d

g u n w o os e y o n g j u n qc h a e j i n i n s o o

MYNAME debuted in late October of 2011 with the digital single Message. However, almost 2 years later they are still being seen as rookies. From what I can remember their releases do fairly well when they are first released, but then lose momentum and fizzle out. For this reason some people have been dubbed MN as 'MYNUGU' (nugu=who) because somehow-SOMEHOW- they are pretty unpopular ;~~;
They don't let this irrelevancy get in their way, though. They work harder and harder with each of their comebacks to show fans a better image. All the while remaining the cool, down to earth guys they are. ;; i luv u sfm myname

i n s o os e y o n gg u n w o oc h a e j i nj u n q

FORTUNATELY!! Japan loves them. They have gotten more opportunities and success from Japan. Their debut Japanese single Message entered the Oricon Top 10 Charts after being released. MYNAME are regulars on the chart, as every one of their Japanese songs are amazing hits. They've guested on numerous variety shows in Japan and have even had a few popular Japanese shows of their own. Their only full album to date has been a an original Japanese release. A manga was even made about MYNAME! Currently they are even preparing to release a movie in Japan, loosely based on MYNAME.

i n s o oj u n qc h a e j i ns e y o n gg u n w o o

강인수 - 19880310
KANG IN SOO - MARCH 10, 1988

Insoo is one of two main vocalists and one of the main dancers in MYNAME. Compared to Gunwoo, Insoo has a more soulful(?) like voice. He is very big on fitness, as his body clearly shows. Fans have probably seen him shirtless more often than with a shirt on; but his body is seriously like one of those naked Greek statues, covering up his abs is like vandalizing art. He is super beautiful on the inside as he is out. His outlook on life is so positive and optimistic. Insoo is the warm 'mother' of the group, which fits him so well. He's always saying encouraging words and boosting morale in the group. Don't let all this fool you, he's one of the dorkiest members in the group.

-EDUCATION: Education: Anyang Arts High School Dance Major (2003-2006), Sejong University Bachelor of Dance (2006-2010), Korea National Open University Video Media Major (2011-current)[1]
-very good friends with MBLAQ's Seungho
-(predebut) contestant on Superstar K[1]
-(predebut) contestant on Dream Team[1]
-(predebut) took part in some of the performances at Hwanhee's Japan concert in 2010, along with Gunwoo[1],[2]
-is a big fan of Usher

+Gunwoo Gunwoo and Insoo are the closest in age out of all the members in the group. They are close to each other, but since they are the oldest their relationship appears to be more serious, but they do goof around together but it is a lot more controlled than when they goof around with their dongsaengs.
+Seyong Seyong and Insoo are friends. They hit the gym and workout a lot. Since they are the best dancers in the group they seem to be pretty close.
+JunQ Kangbros! BFFs! Best buds! JunQ and Insoo are definitely the closest friends in the group. Their goofy personalities mix so well to create a hilarious friendship.
+Chaejin Since Insoo is the 'mother' of the group and Jinnie is the maknae, the two have a very close mother/son relationship. Insoo will tease Jinnie a lot, but then comfort him later.

이건우 - 19890139

Gunwoo is the leader and one of the group's main vocalists. Compared to Insoo, his voice is deeper(?). His powerful adlibs and pitch perfect high notes are so eargasmic. Most groups have a 4-D member, but Gunwoo transcends the 4 dimensional label. One minute he'll be acting like a gorilla, then next moment he'll be acting cool. He looks chic and talks mature, but when he gets excited(like when he wins a game of basketball) he starts yelling gibberish and smacking the camera with his slimy face. S-Sometimes he even acts cute, this is a strange and unexplainable phenomenon. Gunwoo is all about rock & roll, he throws up the rock & roll hand gesture thousands of times and he listens to rock music from all over the globe. He has a unique fashion sense that mimics his interests & personality. Out of all the members, he has definitely had the most drastic changes over time. His hair has almost been every color of the rainbow(some fans even joke we'll see him bald eventually) . But whatever he looks like, he's always able to look perfect.

-taaattoooos!: "Only I can change my life. No one else can do it for me" & sun, water/raindrop, and cactus symbols(inner right arm) His birthdate & the word LOVE(right arm)
-FAMILY: parents and 1 older sister
-EDUCATION: South Daejeon High School (2004-2007), Woosong University Sports Health (2007~Current)[1]
-OP's soulmate, im serious
-loves soccer

+Seyong Gunwoo and Seyong are pretty close. They are seen goofing around together sometimes. This is OTP's ship only because they roomed together in Japan and they looked really comfy in that bed, together.
+JunQ When JunQ and Gunwoo get together it's never good(for Chaejin). They both have an affinitiy for teasing the maknae and when they are together they pull pranks on the bb maknae. Other than that they seem to have a more serious relationship because Gunwoo scolds JunQ a lot.
+Chaejin Chaejin and Gunwoo are really close. They are closer to each other than any of the other members. Gunwoo will scold and tease Chaejin from time to time and orchestrate pranks on the maknae, but after that's done he's back to loving and helping him.

김세용 - 19911120
thank you Alma & Elizabeth @ ourkpopaddiction for helping me with his section
I wrote his bio in my own words, I hope that is okay with you ;;


Seyong is one of two rappers in the group, one of the main dancers, and also lends his vocals on a number of MN songs. His voice has a high pitch(?) than JunQ's and is fiercer(?, wow idk how to describe voices TT) Seyong is the social butterfly of the group. He's very charasmatic and outgoing. He is a ball of energy and he emits this energy to make the group more lively. He talks a lot and can be really, really loud sometimes. He can be quite annoying to his bandmates sometimes, but he loves them; he loves to make the other members laugh and he loves doting on them. Skinship is synonomous with Seyong. If you have an OTP in MYNAME, chances are Seyong is one half of that ship. Sexy is another word synonomous with Seyong. He is sexy and (and I apologize in advance for this) he knows it. Appearance means a lot to Seyong. In the group, his physical fitness rivals Insoo. Fans have been blessed with enough Seyong eye candy to rot our pupils out with cavities. He looks best with red hair, it really fits him and his personality, but he's always smoking hot.

-EDUCATION: Seoul National University of Fine Arts[1]
-(predebut) former JYPE trainee
-(predebut) had a role on the drama Believe In Love[1][2]
-(predebut) contestant on Dream Team[1]
-from Busan
-skilled b-boy
-participated in writing the lyrics to their song U-Turn off their 3rd single album

+JunQ Together JunQ and Seyong are troublemakers. They love picking on the maknae and sometimes the other members. SeQ is one of the easiest OTPs to ship because its soooo real.
+Chaejin Seyong luvs Jinnie. He teases Chaejin a lot, but its out of love. Seyong acts really childish around Chaejin

강준규 - 19930909

JunKyu is the other rapper of the group, with a lower, deeper, and kind of huskier voice compared to Seyong. JunQ looks really cool, and he is(he's cool as fuck), but in reality he is a huge dork. He goofs around all of the time. He definitely seems to be the funnest member because he's always seen playing around. He talks and really laughs a lot. He teases his members but he really cares about them.

-says his official position in the group: rapper/toilet cleaner
-EDUCATION: Seoul of Performing Arts School Acting Major (2009-current)[1]
-(predebut) modeled for school text book[1]
-was on Infinite's You Are My Oppa as Jiae's friend
-participated in writing the lyrics to their song U-Turn off their 3rd single album
-played bass in a band in junior high

+Chaejin Chaejin and JunQ are the youngest and a lot like brothers. JunQ picks on and mocks Jinnie a lot, but in the end of the day he still cares for Chaejin. In an episode of Diary, JunQ told Chaejin he wanted to quit MYNAME and he also wanted Chaejin to leave with him. It was all a prank, but it shows how close the two really are.

채진석 - 19951226

Chaejin is 2-6 years younger than the other members and is also less experienced than the other members, but he's still a great singer and dancer. He has a very pretty and very soft voice, which is often lost in the shadows of his hyungs' powerful vocals. Chaejin has a really shy and cute image, like a timid litte deer. He's always being pranked and teased by his hyungs, but it's all out of love. He seems to be a mama's boy (Gunwoo once said: "Our maknae is going through puberty. Whenever we fight, he always calls his mom crying.") now, knowing this, will you ever be able to watch the Baby I'm Sorry mv without hurting???

-EDUCATION: Seoul Performing Arts High School[1]
-he's a Belieber, unless he's already grown out of this Justin Bieber phase
-best friends with Teen Top's Chunji and B.A.P's Zelo

s e y o n gg u n w o oj u n qi n s o oc h a e j i n

Korean Discography
2011: [Digital Single] Message,
2012: [SINGLE] MYNAME 1st Single,
2013: [SINGLE] MYNAME 2nd Single, [MINI] MYNAME 1st Mini Album, [SINGLE] MYNAME 3rd Single

MVs: Message Hello & Goodbye Hello & Goodbye(dance ver.)Just That Little ThingBaby I'm SorryDay by Day
Lives: Message Hello & Goodbye Replay Girlfriend Just That Little Thing Astonished(어이없어) Crush On You(끌리잖아) Baby I'm Sorry Day by Day

Japanese Discography
2012: [SINGLE] Message, [SINGLE] What's Up
2013: [ALBUM] We Are MYNAME, [SINGLE] Shirayuki

PVs: MessageSummer PartyHello & GoodbyeWhat's UpWe Are the NightPari PariShirayuki(short ver.)
Lives Message Summer Party Everlastin' Luv I Want To What's Up

s e y o n g c h a e j i n g u n w o o i n s o o j u n q

Korean Variety Shows
2011: [ENGSUB|RAW]MTV's Ta-dah: It's MYNAME Real Story
2012: [ENGSUB|RAW]MTV Diary *only episode 1-33 have been subbed yet
2013: [ENGSUB|RAW]MYNAME is MYNAME *ustream webshow - only episode 1-4 have been subbed yet

Japanese Variety Shows
2012 [RAW]MYNAME Academy
2013 [ENGSUB][RAW]MYNAME's "W" Kitchen *just episode 1 has subbed yet

j u n q i n s o o s e y o n g c h a e j i n g u n w o o

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Not Another Romance Fanfic

Title: Not Another Romance Fanfic
Pairing: JaeCo | ZiKyung
Genre: AU; romance
Rating: NC-17 :o (~ish~)
Summary: Cheesy romance fic; Zico and Jaehyo have a thing going on between them, but all Zico thinks he wants is Kyung. 
Note: The title says it all, it's a cheesy romance fic. This took me too long to type up lkjsdzkl Also I suck at anything smut, so it sucks and isn't much. Also, Kyung is a flawless angel and my fic does not represent him in anyway. saying that for won ,_,

Collapse )Collapse )
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Title: Roopretelcham
Pairing: Ubomb
Genre: au/romance/fluff/idk.
Summary: Yukwon is a nerd who only leaves his dorm twice a week for a two hour computer design class, until he meets, you guessed it!, someone online who changes that.
Note: This is for that one Jaeco shipper (≖ﮧ≖ ) I finally finished typing it up for her n_n
+루프리텔캄 is a ~*spell*~ meaning Every wish we will be granted, according to my friend Won.

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Losing My Religion

Title: Losing My Religion
Pairing: ZiKyung -er one sided
Genre: songfic, of sorts
Rating: R(language and rated R fics are hip hap)
Summary: Kyung loves Zico, but in a heterosexual dominated country where the concept of homosexuality is still taboo, he must keep his feelings secret to himself.
Note: This is the spawn of me listening to too much R.E.M while watching Match Up and having my friend rant about homophobia to me. This was originally supposed to be fluff, huuhuu. Not anymore, sorry.
+The phrase "losing my religion" is an idiom from the south, similar to the saying "to be at your wit's end."
"Losing My Religion is about someone who pines for someone else. It's unrequited love, what have you."
- Michael Stipe

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